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Scott Weston

About me[edit]

I grew up in Dereel right next to the swamp on Kleins Road. I attended Rokewood Primary School and then Mount Clear Secondary College during that time. After graduating from Mount Clear I briefly lived in Melbourne while I attended Monash University after which I moved to Ballarat where I worked for many years before leaving the country to work in Canada, the UK and Ireland. I recently returned and became a vocal proponent for Dereel getting a telecommunications tower and running the Dereel website.

The Weston family has been in Dereel for close to 40 years now.


I host this wiki but am not a member of the Dereel Historical Society so if you have any problems or questions or suggestions about this website please email them to me at: but if it's about the Historical Society then Greg Lehey is probably your best point of contact.

If you see me around feel free to say hello.