Dereel Soldiers Memorial Hall

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The construction of the Dereel Soldiers Memorial Hall officially began with Leigh Shire Council meeting in March, 1919. It was decided to use part of a Repatriation Grant to build halls at Shelford and Dereel. The grant money had to be used to pay wages for returned servicemen engaged on the project. After various delays, which nearly lost the Council the grant, building works began in 1920. Dereel residents had raised about 100 pounds towards the hall, and a sports meeting at Napoleons in March 1921 raised another hundred. As reported in The Argus newspaper, the official opening was on Saturday, 21st May, 1921. The total cost of the building was 347 pounds, 12/6d, of which the Council had given 200 pounds of the grant money. Despite the fundraising efforts, costs had obviously absorbed more than expected; the hall began life with a 100 pound debt.